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Vehicle Identification, Parking & Tolling

Fast & Reliable vehicle identification with SIVA’s UHF label solutions

SIVA's produces a range UHF Windshield & Headlight labels for Automatic vehicle identification for Parking & Electronic Toll collection applications. Choose from a wide range of high quality Tamper Evident or Tamper-Proof UHF (AVI) labels. Other applications include the use of SIVA’s RFID windshield labels for Fleet management, Vehicle emissions, road tax and vehicle fitness tests information storage. Our UHF Windshield & headlight labels are also offered with UCODE DNA which offers extensive security features.

  • AVI Family

    Non-transferable RFID Windshield labels for Automatic Vehicle Identification - Parking & Tolling

    PRODUCT Product name Dimensions Read range
    Windshield TE
    Tamper Evident Car windshield label
    96 x 27.0 x 0.2 mm
    3.77 x 1.06 x 0.01 in
    up to 10 m
    Windshield TP H3
    Tamper-Proof Car Windshield label
    68 x 30 x 0.2 in
    2.68 x 1.18 x 0.007 mm
    up to 10 m
    Windshield TP DNA
    Tamper-Proof Car Windshield label with extensive security features
    90 x 27.0 x 0.2 mm
    2.67 x 1.06 x 0.007 in
    up to 11 m
    Headlight TP
    Transparent tamper-Proof Car Headlight label with extensive security features
    100 x 12.0 x 0.2 mm
    3.93 x 0.472 x 0.01 in
    up to 8.5 m
    3rd License Plate TP
    Tamper-Proof 3rd License plate windshield label with extensive
    security features.
    72 x 96.0 x 0.2 mm
    2.84 x 3.8 x 0.01 in
    up to 11 m
    Tamper-Proof Windshield label for Electronic Toll collection
    as mandated for deployment on vehicles in India.
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