Tamper-proof RFID Windshield label with Ucode DNA

Tamper-Proof RFID Windshield Label

Long range, high endurance Tamper-proof RAIN(UHF) Windshield label with comprehensive security features.

SIVA's produces Non-transferrable RAIN(UHF) Windshield labels using a unique label construction. Any endeavor made to remove the label results in breakage, making it impossible to transfer the label to another vehicle. This is complemented with using the latest in encryption chip technology making payments secure with superfast transaction times.


SIVA’s Tamperproof RAIN(UHF) windshield label deploys NXP’s Ucode DNA for encrypted data transmission, making payments secure.

Fast transaction times

A finely tuned antenna design combined with the Ucode DNA chip ensures readability in milliseconds paralleled with long read distances.

High endurance

Sunlight & infrared radiation can compromise the performance and even functionality of the windshield tag. SIVA’s RAIN(UHF) Tamperproof windshield tags resist these elements to ensure consistent readability and achieving long read range.

Stable at extreme temperatures

Using high-quality materials, our windshield tags do not expand & contract with changes in temperatures. From desert to tundra climate conditions, our windshield tags endure it all.

Cost Effective

Using automated and highly fine-tuned manufacturing, we produce with minimal wastage levels, keeping production costs low and being able to offer reliable and feature packed windshield labels at affordable prices.


  • 4c printing
  • UID & Variable data printing
  • Encoding