Non-transferrable Tamper-proof RFID Windshield label

Non-transferrable Tamper-proof RFID Windshield Label

Long range, high endurance RFID windshield label with the anti-theft feature.

Using a unique label construction, SIVA is able to produce Non-transferrable RAIN(UHF) Windshield labels. Any endeavor made to remove the label results in breakage, making it impossible to transfer the label to another vehicle.

The passive, battery-free tag is EPC Gen 2 compatible, is designed as a thin and flexible label. The antenna design is optimized for application on glass surfaces of vehicles.

High endurance

Sunlight & infrared radiation can compromise the performance and even functionality of the windshield tag. SIVA’s RAIN(UHF) Tamperproof windshield tags resist these elements to ensure consistent readability and achieving long read range.

Stable at extreme temperatures

Using high-quality materials, our windshield tags do not expand & contract with changes in temperatures. From desert to tundra climate conditions, our windshield tags endure it all.

Long read range

Using the latest IC’s and a fine-tuned antenna design enable long reading distances.


  • Vehicle Access Control
  • Parking Management in organizations as well as gated communities
  • Logistics Processes
  • Electronic toll collection
  • Official vehicle registration identification


  • 4c printing
  • UID & Variable data printing
  • Encoding