SIVA's Re-Load Pro 9026

Washable RFID Label

Washable RAIN(UHF) label for plastic crates and other returnable transport items (RTI) which performs when close to objects with high water content

SIVA's Re-load Pro 9026 is a washable RAIN(UHF) label designed for application on plastic crates & pallets. These labels feature a strong adhesive, suitable for application on objects with low surface energy.

Returnable plastic containers undergo repeated washing processes and Re-load Pro 9026 is designed to resist typical washing cycles. Moreover, a special antenna design ensures the labels perform when applied in close proximity to objects with high dielectric constant, meaning items with high water content like fruits, vegetables, fish and even automotive parts.

SIVA Re-load Pro 9026 is delivered in a reel format and it can be encoded and printed with typical RFID printers that are capable of printing labels with gap separation.

The label comes with an optional special transparent PET laminate construction, enabling reverse printing of artwork and variable data. This allows for excellent chemical resistance and high durability to outdoor and harsh environments.


  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain
  • Mining & Construction
  • RTI Operation
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare