SIVA's AerialM-T is a high performance UHF RFID tag

Small sized UHF Flag Tag ideal for retail inventory management

Flag tag for diverse surfaces, ideal for retail and item level tagging

SIVA's AerialM-T is a high performance UHF RFID tag for both metallic and non-metallic surfaces. The tag extends upright above the surface to prevent any transmission interference caused by the surface underneath and can be read up to 3.5 meters away using an UHF RFID reader. It is delivered in a reel format and can be encoded and printed with typical RFID printers that are capable of printing labels.

AerialM-T is suitable for retail merchandise especially bottles that contain liquids. The tag is versatile in nature and can be applied on flat as well as curved surfaces. This tag has better visibility on items when displayed on the shelf, and also serves as a good solution to authenticate them.


  • Retail and item level tagging
  • Tagging retail merchandise containing liquid.
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