Pint-sized UHF RFID hard tag

SIVA’s cost-effective temperature sensing tag

SIVA’s Sense-T 9928 is a temperature sensing RFID tag to monitor temperatures at package or item level, at a very reasonable price point. These tags can be used for a wide range of cold chain applications including for example managing temperatures of pharmaceutical to agricultural goods. Made to work in varying environmental conditions, the tags are designed to detect critical temperature and humidity settings that enable customers to keep a constant check on storage conditions for various types of products where accessibility could be restricted or limited.

This tag offers a good balance of accuracy and cost, providing customers with a solution for a wide range of logistics applications where more expensive tag deployment isn’t feasible especially for high-volume applications. The tag uses a Magnus®S3 chip which is equipped with dual capabilities of temperature and humidity sensing offering a maintenance free battery-less temperature sensing solution.

The Sense-T 9928 tags are delivered in roll form with customer specific encoding of EPC and printing of text, logos and variable data.


  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Cold Chain