SIVA's Tyvek RFID Wristbands

Printed Tyvek Wristbands

Cost-effective solution to facilitate Identification, Access control & Cashless payments for Family Entertainment & Leisure Centres

SIVA’s Tyvek RFID wristbands are ideal for sites needing a low cost & disposable wristband solution where the wristband is required to be worn from a few hours up to 1 day. Wristbands can be deployed instantly.

A popular choice amongst Family entertainment centers (FEC’s) where points can be credited to and redeemed directly from the RFID wristbands.


Tyvek Rfid wristbands are waterproof, tear-proof & stretch-proof. Featuring a laminate construction, the RFID inlay is sandwiched between 2 layers, also improving the wristband strength & durability. With its tamper-evident adhesive closure, the wristbands are Non-transferrable and designed for one-time use only.

Wide range of IC’s

Wristbands come with various IC options including Mifare Ultralight EV1; Mifare 1k; F08. Other IC’s available on demand.


  • 4c printing
  • UID & Variable data printing
  • Encoding