SIVA Poly RFID Wristbands

RFID wristbands in laminate construction facilitating Identification, Access control, and Cashless payments

SIVA’s Poly RFID wristbands are ideal for sites needing high-quality 4c gloss printed RFID wristbands, which can be deployed instantaneously.

Poly RFID wristbands offer fast & easy entry-exit, reducing queuing times and eliminating duplicable or replicate ticket frauds. Sites also benefit with quick & reliable cashless transactions, eliminate cumbersome cash handling & associated frauds thereby greatly reducing transaction times

Users can access their personal lockers and VIP areas with RFID wristbands and this also enables sites to conduct tailored & interactive marketing campaigns, allowing for integration with social media, enabling check-ins and content sharing. Wristbands allow data generation which sites can use to analyze and generate reports.


Our wristbands are water resistant, tear proof, and stretch proof and feature a Tamper evident adhesive closure. Featuring a unique laminate construction, the RFID inlay is sandwiched between 2 layers, enhancing overall strength & durability. Only the release tab underneath the security die cuts closure can be peeled off. The wristband will last multiple days once applied to the wrist.


Our Wristbands are produced using soft materials. Wristbands feature NO sharp edges for added comfort. Another option includes wristbands with even higher softness levels particularly demanded in the hospital environment.


Our RFID wristbands come in a wide range of width and length options. There will definitely be a size to meet your specific requirements. Custom shape and sizes can also be produced. Contact us today to discuss the same. Available in roll form or Z-folded

Wide range of IC’s

Wristbands come with various IC options including Mifare Ultralight EV1; Mifare 1k; Icode Slix; Ntag 213. Other IC’s available on demand.


  • 4c printing
  • UID & Variable data printing
  • Encoding