Ferro-MOM 10043 – All surface RAIN(UHF) label

RFID On metal tags 10043

A passive All surface RAIN(UHF) label with maximum data print area & long read range

The Ferro-MOM 10043 is a versatile all surface RFID label ideal for securing IT & Industrial assets such as pipes, metallic cylinders, liquid bottles, electrical devices etc. Offering up to 4 meters read range (depending on the reader), eliminating, in many cases, the need to use hard tags.

Ferro-MOM 10043 is designed to be compatible with leading RFID enabled thermal transfer printers. Labels can be printed On-demand and be applied on flat & curved surfaces without affecting performance levels. Its high-performance permanent adhesive ensures strong adhesion
A disposable layer between each RFID label ensures efficient Thermal transfer printing.

SIVA's MOM10043 provides industry best compliance with constant & reliable readings. Weather resistant and suitable for outdoor applications.


  • Mount on Metal Applications
  • Logistics involving metal surfaces
  • Logistics of Liquid containers
  • IT and office assets tracking
  • Hospital assets tracking applications
  • Tools and kitchen assets tracking


  • Customer specific encoding of EPC
  • Customised printing of logo, text, barcode etc