SIVA's Dumbel PET RAIN(UHF) label

RFID Tags & Labels- Dumbel U8

Easy to deploy label with strong grip on non-metallic objects with good read range

SIVA's Dumbel is a white PET label for application on a wide range of non-metallic objects including plastic or corrugated cardboard cases & also glass surfaces, making it ideal for deployment across a multitude of industrial applications.

Moreover, a special antenna design ensures the labels perform when applied in close proximity to objects with high dielectric constant, meaning items with high water content like fruits, vegetables, fish and even automotive parts.

Delivered in a reel format, SIVA's Dumbel can be encoded and printed with typical RFID printers that are capable of printing labels with gap separation.


  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain
  • Packaging
  • Warehouse Operations
  • Logistics
  • Inventory Management & Asset Tracking


  • Customer specific encoding of EPC
  • Customised printing of logo, text, barcode etc