RFID label offering true omnidirectional read capability

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Quadwave M4QT: Ideal solution for outdoor and non-metallic applications

Introducing the Quadwave M4QT 2X2 RFID Label, the ultimate solution for your outdoor and non-metallic application needs. Equipped with the advanced Monza 4QT IC, the Quadwave M4QT’s key feature is its Omnidirectional design. M4QT being a 2 post IC allows for true omnidirectional read capability. When paired with an antenna design specially tuned for omnidirectional reading applications. This means you can count on reliable and efficient data capture, no matter how your items are oriented.

Our label comes with a high-performance permanent adhesive, ensuring it stays securely attached to your assets. Plus, it's EPC global and ISO 18000-63 compliant, Gen2V2 compliant, and boasts an impressive IP67 rating for exceptional durability.

But that's not all – we offer customer-specific encoding of EPC and customization of layouts. Add your logo, text, numbers, barcodes, and more to make these labels uniquely yours.

Invest in the Quadwave M4QT RFID Label today and elevate your tracking and management capabilities to new heights. Experience the future of RFID technology in outdoor and non-metallic environments with Quadwave.


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  • Logistics
  • Baggage Tagging
  • Warehouse Operations