Pat-Track RAIN(UHF) RFID wristband

Flag Wristbands

RFID wristband with a protruding antenna flag design for patient identification

SIVA's Pat-Track RAIN(UHF) RFID wristband is an ideal solution to locate (RTLS), identify and connect patients to the hospital administration system. The wristband is delivered with an Impinj Monza R6P chip with customer specific encoding of EPC and can be printed on using most thermal printers available in the market.

Available in a size that can fit most wrist sizes, this wristband carries a protruding antenna design that helps achieve longer read distances not requiring line-of -site data transmission and can be read even when covered under clothing, bed coverings, etc. These wristbands can also be printed with barcodes that can help increase patient security.


  • Healthcare
  • Access Control