SIVAs Flagpole RFID Tags

Flag Tag RFID

Maximizing Performance and Cost Savings with SIVAs Flagpole RFID Tags

SIVA's Flagpole is an innovative and cost-efficient RFID tag solution. Our product is designed specifically for item-level tagging on metallic surfaces, making it ideal for a variety of industries, including retail for apparel and item-level tracking, supply chain and logistics for asset management, and industrial uses for metal assets, structural steel.

Our Flagpole RFID tag has a form factor with a total size of 67 x 22 mm. But what sets our solution apart is its ability to create a flag at the end of the tag by folding it, resulting in a final tag size of 43 x 22 mm. The folded part of the tag sticks out of the metal like a flag, with the attached antenna part utilizing the metal surface as part of the antenna structure to improve tag performance. Flagpole is compliant to achieve read range of 10 meters, depending on the size of the product being attached to.

Flagpole can be supplied with customer-specific encoding of EPC and can be custom printed with logos, text, and more. This makes our Flagpole an ideal solution for businesses looking to optimize their supply chain or improve asset tracking.

In summary, our Flagpole is a cost-efficient, high-performing solution for item-level tagging on metallic surfaces. With applications across a range of industries, our product offers unparalleled performance and durability. So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about how our RFID tags can revolutionize your business.


  • Retail: Apparel, Item-level tracking
  • Supply Chain & Logistics: Asset Management
  • Industrial: Metal assets, structural steel