Eyewear Tag for inventory management and security of eyewear

UHF Eyewear-Tag

UHF Eyewear Tag that makes inventory management easier and improves product security

SIVA’s UHF RFID Eyewear Tag is an easy to apply tag that helps retailers simplify their inventory management and also helps keep products safe from thefts and counterfeiting. The label is ideally mounted on the temple of the eyewear frame but can also be mounted on the eyewear bridge, if required.

Application of this label onto the eyewear allows customers to try on the eyewear without causing any inconvenience when worn. The label is also gentle on the frames and its adhesive does not cause any damage to the merchandise surface or leave any residue once removed.

Supplied with NXP’s UCode8 chip, this label is delivered with options of custom printing of text, barcodes, etc. and customer specific encoding of EPC.


  • Inventory Management
  • Product Security
  • Retail
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