SIVA IoT’s new dual frequency RFID products for non-metal surfaces that are durable and offer good read range performance

Dual Frequency tags and labels to facilitate efficient supply chain operations

RFID Wristband and Foam Tag

July 5, 2021 – To overcome operational hurdles faced by customers where both UHF and NFC capabilities of a product played an important role in engineering supply chains, SIVA has launched dual frequency RFID products or what we like to call Duo-Fre™.

From hard tags to labels, SIVA’s offerings have been designed keeping in mind applications they would be widely used for and read range performance that would be expected out of them. Like the Rhino HT 10534 Duo-Fre, which is a dual frequency hard tag that has ABS enclosure and can be used for Returnable Transport Item (RTI) applications that are bound to endure harsh weather conditions and are exposed to constant impacts in transit.

SIVA’s dual frequency labels too offer good durability whilst keeping read range performance in check. The Re-Load Pro 7320 Duo-Fre is a IP68 rated label designed to enable supply chain operations and accurately identify and track assets that undergo repeated washing cycles and are exposed to challenging operating environments.

Our dual frequency RFID products are very convenient in operations where not every person part of the supply chain carry UHF/RAIN readers and can instead use their NFC enabled mobile phones to tap and read the tag. These products are delivered with customer specific encoding and printing of text, logos and variable data.

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