Cintura Loop-Tag for Cables, Pipes and Ropes

RFID Loop Antenna

Tagging assets like cables, pipes, ropes, etc. now easier with a specially designed tag

A versatile RAIN(UHF) RFID tag that has been developed specifically to tag items that are otherwise difficult to tag such as cables, tubes, ropes, etc. This all-surface tag works well when applied to different kinds of surfaces and can also be adjusted to perfectly fit different item diameters.

These tags are a preferred substitute for RFID labels that are used on special shaped assets with curved surfaces. Normal labels can easily fall off or get damaged if not flexible enough to have a bending radius comparable to that of the asset it is being applied on. The loop tag eliminates this requirement and easily accommodates assets with varying bend radii.

Supplied with customer specific encoding and printing of text, logos and variable data, these tags are supplied in roll form.


  • Tagging Cables and Tubes
  • Tagging Ropes
  • Inventory Management
  • Asset Tracking