Bottle Security Tag Supplier

All surface NFC bottle seal tag with tamper-proof features for additional security

TP NFC All Surface bottle seal tags are high-quality tamper-proof stickers to be attached on any surface material including metal and liquid containers. These tags are highly durable to establish intuitive one touch communication between existing technologies and devices. They uniquely identify each item with related details, thereby ensuring better inventory management and tracking.

The tamper-proof feature in these tags accounts for additional security thereby ensuring product authenticity and brand credibility. The antenna is designed to break and renders the tag to be non-functional once tampered with. This feature in quite useful when the tag is applied to authenticate high value products such as expensive liquor that has a high counterfeit risk all across the world.

These tags come with high performance permanent adhesive as standard. TP NFC All Surface bottle seal tags are delivered on rolls for easy handling. These tags can be pre-printed and encoded with artworks and human readable data according to the customer requirements.


  • Retail Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Cosmetic Bottles
  • Wine Bottles
  • Other expensive liquids/solvents
  • Goods Authentication


  • Customer specific encoding of EPC
  • Customised printing of logo, text, barcode etc