HT 5050 and HT 11025 UHF RFID Hard Tags

Robust On-Metal Hard tags for industrial and automotive applications

On-Metal Hard tags for industrial and automotive applications

October 03, 2019 – SIVA has recently added two more tags to its range of robust hard tags, the HT 5050 and HT 11025. These are UHF RFID hard tags optimized for a variety of metallic assets including RTI’s, waste containers, etc. The tags are enclosed in an impact resistant encapsulation and are rugged in construction, thereby increasing the tag’s durability. They are made to withstand harsh weather, high impact or other challenging application environments.

The HT 5050 and HT 11025 are available in standard dimensions of 50mm x 50mm and 110mm x 25mm respectively and offer read ranges of up to 10 meters. The tags are global i.e. there are no ETSI (865-868MHz) and FCC (902-928MHz) versions of the tag. Instead one tag works equally well from 865MHz to 928MHz making them especially ideal for European countries adopting the “upper band” and may have a mixed set of readers or later would want to upgrade to upper band readers for better system performance. With strong emphasis on quality control, these tags are extensively tested for various washing cycles and exposure to different types of chemical solutions.

The tags can be mounted onto the surface either mechanically by using screws or pop rivets, using cable ties where the surface is curved or by attaching it using a high performance self-adhesive backing (optional) provided with the tag. They are supplied with customer specific encoding of EPC and customized laser engraving of logos, QR and 1D Barcodes and human readable text/numbers. These tags are ideal for but not limited to manufacturing, automotive, logistical and other industrial applications.

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