An on-metal RFID tag offering exceptional performance for asset tracking even in harsh weather conditions.

On Metal RFID Tag

A versatile, strong tag with exceptional performance for asset tracking

Rhino HT 6520 is a is a RAIN (UHF) RFID hard tag optimized for securing metal assets. Durable in nature, this hard tag is impact and abrasion resistant. Based on a rugged construction and good durability, the tag is made to withstand harsh weather, high impact or other challenging application environments. This tag is a great solution for industrial and logistical applications where the tag is exposed to rough handling.

This hard tag can be used on metallic surfaces and is easy to deploy because of its small size. This IP68-rated tag is supplied with NXP's Ucode 9 chip, this tag offers good performance and is available with personalized customer specific encoding and laser engraving offered by us, these tags can be deployed straight out of the box. Visit RFID Hard Tags for a wider range of asset management tags designed for challenging environments.


  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Asset Tracking