Re-load Pro 9026 9xm

Automotive Components, spare parts and RTI’s Label

Efficiency Redefined: SIVA's Re-load Pro 9026 9xm for VDA Compliant Box Tagging

Presenting Re-load Pro 9026 9xm by SIVA, a tailored solution for tagging VDA compliant plastic boxes in the automotive industry. Designed exclusively for the automotive industry, Re-load Pro 9026 9xm stands out as a beacon of reliability in RFID implementations for tracking parts and components. Its robust construction ensures resilience in demanding manufacturing environments, making it a trusted choice for car manufacturers.

With a remarkable read range of up to 18 meters, this label goes beyond expectations, optimizing the tracking process and contributing to streamlined operations in the automotive industry. The advantages of RFID in this industry are evident as Re-load Pro 9026 9xm facilitates efficient inventory management, enhances traceability, and ensures precision in tracking automotive components throughout the production lifecycle.

Returnable plastic containers, often used in the automotive supply chain, undergo rigorous washing processes. Re-load Pro 9026 9xm is designed to withstand these cycles, providing durability and reliability over the long term. Its special antenna design ensures optimal performance even in close proximity to objects with a high dielectric constant, such as automotive parts.

Delivered in a reel format, Re-load Pro 9026 9xm can be easily encoded and printed with standard RFID printers featuring gap separation. The optional transparent PET laminate construction adds versatility, allowing for reverse printing of artwork and variable data, ensuring excellent chemical resistance and durability in outdoor and harsh environments.

In summary, Re-load Pro 9026 9xm sets a new standard in washable RAIN(UHF) labels. With VDA compliance, advanced UCODE 9xm IC, increased EPC memory, and an outstanding read range of up to 18 meters, it proves to be an indispensable asset in the automotive industry, redefining efficiency and precision in RFID tracking applications.


  • Automotive: Components, spare parts and RTI’s
  • Plastic RTI’s
  • Hospital Assets
  • Non-metallic outdoor Assets


  • Customer specific encoding of EPC
  • Customised printing of logo, text, barcode etc