RFID Race Timing Tags & Labels

High performing RFID Race Timing Tags & Labels for capturing data of racers in marathons & triathlons, to obtain progress information, analytics & insights, for an elevated sporting experience.

SIVA's offers a comprehensive range of high performing UHF transponders, marathon race bibs & shoe tags with integrated transponders for accurate recording of race time. It offers a complete bureau service which includes Variable data printing + encoding of UHF Transponders, 4c + variable date printed marathon bibs & shoe tags with optional application of UHF transponders, offering the convenience of “NO Assembly Required” to race organizers.

SIVA’s range of transponders consists of the industry standard Smartrac Dogbone with Monza R6P and as a part of our design & development initiative, we offer our own in-house developed UHF transponder SIVA's Dumbel (with Monza R6P), fine-tuned for RFID race timing applications, offering the same level of performance.

As marathon bib manufacturers and bib suppliers, we offer custom bib designs to our clients along with best in class RFID race timing tags and labels that can be seamlessly integrated with leading RFID marathon tracking systems.

Fast & reliable time recording backed by fast turnaround times and shipping to sites worldwide.

  • Sprintt™ Race Timing solutions

    Race Timing Solutions for enhanced user experience, smart tracking and monitoring

    PRODUCT Product name Dimensions Read range
    UHF Foam Transponder - Dumbel
    RAIN(UHF) Foam Transponder - Dumbel
    100 x 34 x 3 mm
    3.93 x 1.33 x 0.12 in
    Upto 13 m
    UHF Foam Transponder - Dogbone
    RAIN(UHF) Foam Transponder - Dogbone
    99 x 31.75 x 3.0 mm
    3.89 x 1.25 x 0.12 in
    Upto 14 m