RAIN(UHF) Tyre labels

RFID Tyre Tags & Stickers

4” x 6” RAIN(UHF) Tyre Tread label

SIVA’s Tyre RFID labels feature a specialized high-performance adhesive meeting the toughest durability challenges of applying onto rubber surfaces. The label also features the use of a finely tuned antenna design which provides best in class read range, offering an ideal solution for WIP management, logistics, supply chain etc.

Typical Tyre RFID labels, over a period of time, develop adhesive ooze, which causes printer jams and sticking to the thermal transfer ribbon, affecting operational efficiency and messy printer cleanups.

SIVA’s Tyre RFID labels feature a special adhesive with a low gum bleed pattern, ensuring there is no adhesive ooze whilst the label has been kept in storage for several weeks/months, ensuring operational efficiency with no printer jams and adhesive deposition along the printer feed path or on the thermal transfer ribbon.


  • WIP
  • Supply Chain
  • Warehousing
  • Logistics