Tamper-proof RAIN(UHF) Jewelry label

rfid jewelry tracking using UHF jewelry Tags

Quick & Reliable Jewelry Inventory management & identification with anti-theft facilitation.

SIVA’s RAIN(UHF) Jewellery labels have been designed for application on high-value products such as watches, rings, and other jewelry items. Complete jewelry information such as Price, Origin, Carat, date of manufacture etc. can be embedded into the RFID label and each individual piece of jewelry whether packed in plastic bags or laid out on trays or shelves can be inventoried quickly & reliably using fixed or portable UHF readers.

SIVA takes the RAIN(UHF) jewelry labels one notch further with its Tamper-Proof label construction, where any attempt made to open/transfer the label results in breakage of the RFID circuitry. The system can be programmed to trigger an alarm if & when any unauthorized tampering takes place. With RAIN(UHF), the system can also be programmed to trigger an alarm should the proximity of a jewelry item go beyond the allowed distance threshold, pinpointing the location and direction of movement of that specific jewelry item, making it difficult for someone to simply walk off with it.


The unique Tamper-proof label constructions deter thieves from attempting to steal. Any attempt made to open the label results in breakage of the RFID circuitry

Fast & reliable inventory management

Allows sites to manage their inventory right from their distribution channels to the final point of sale. Sites can conduct multiple inventory checks each day as the process is fast and identifies each item reliably.

Read range

The longer read range allows for users to be able to program their system to trigger alarms or notifications should the tag go beyond a certain distance or be tampered.

Product data storage

Data relating to product and its specifications can be stored onto the RFID tag for quick retrieval


Supplied in roll form, labels can be printed & encoded on-demand using a Thermal transfer printer.