Race number Bib with 2 integrated Shoe Lace transponders

RFID Shoe Tags

Number Bib + 2x UHF Shoe Lace Transponders for highest accuracy in Race timing

SIVA’s A4 sized Tyvek sheet comprises of a 4 part construction, the Tyvek number bib; 2x RAIN(UHF) Shoe-lace transponders and instructions on how to use the A4 Tyvek sheet. Each part is separated by a perforation for easy tearing.

The A4 Tyvek sheet is supplied with crisp 4c & variable data printing. The number bib features punched out holes on all 4 corners for easy application onto the participant. Tear-proof, waterproof, stretch resistant, flexible & durable

The 2x RAIN(UHF) Shoe lace transponders are lightweight & comfortable with 4c printing & data encoding, matched with the variable data printed on the Tyvek number bib. Features 4 punched out holes for easy insertion into the Shoelaces, which sends out a unique signal, enabling the system to identify the athlete and record their respective times. The RAIN(UHF) Shoe-Lace transponders provide excellent branding opportunities and overall a highly durable & cost-effective solution

The A4 Tyvek bibs are ready for use, straight out of the box (no assembly required).


  • Marathon and Ultrathons
  • Sprint Races