Tamper-proof NFC Jewellery label – Counterfeit prevention & Brand protection

NFC Jewlery Tags HF Tamper-proof – Counterfeit prevention & Brand protection

Authencity checks using the right NFC label and for the product, Achieved.

NFC Jewellery labels designed for application on high-value products such as watches, rings, and other jewelry items, play an instrumental roll in allowing consumers to tap their NFC enabled device onto the product to authenticate and ascertain the genuineness of the product.

However standard NFC jewelry labels can be opened without damaging the RFID circuitry and can be cleanly transferred to another item. So when consumers use their NFC enabled device to authenticate, they are essentially authenticating successfully but a fake or counterfeited product.

SIVA’s Tamper-Proof NFC Jewellery labels use a unique label construction, where any attempt made to open the label results in breakage of the RFID circuitry, rendering the tag non-readable, rendering the authenticity check unsuccessful.


The unique Tamper-proof label constructions deter thieves from attempting to steal. Any attempt made to open the label, results in breakage of the RFID circuitry, making it impossible to transfer and fails the authenticity check.

Unique identifier

Each IC has a unique ID. The ability to link each unique ID to each individual product deters further attempts to tamper the tags. As each product is linked to an NFC label with a unique ID, nobody will try replacing the NFC Jewelry label, as the replacement label will have a differed ID, which would not be recognized by the software.

Information sharing

As salespeople are busy tending to clients, waiting clients can use their NFC enabled device and tap on the product’s label to bring up all the production information, which can be use in the meantime. Shops can link the NFC labels to promotions or just use it as a way to enhance customer engagement.

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