Rhino NFC HT 5020

Logistics & Supply Chain Management NFC Tag

NFC Hard Tag for Supply Chain & Logistics Asset Tracking Applicaton

HF/NFC hard tags are commonly used for a variety of asset tracking and management applications where assets are exposed to varying weather conditions and also involve rough handling especially in industrial environments.

SIVA’s Rhino NFC HT 5020 is its first NFC offering in its range of Hard Tags. With its enclosure made out of stress resistant materials, the antenna is safely housed inside it thereby making the tag durable by withstanding exposure to chemicals, pressure, tension and other rugged conditions.

These tags can be used on any kind of surface and are easy to deploy due to its small size. The tag can be securely mounted onto the asset by means of a cable tie or string. Read ranges for NFC is up to a few centimeters and with personalized services of customer specific encoding and laser engraving offered by us, these tags can be deployed straight out of the box.


  • Asset Tracking
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics Management