Lavanda 2058 - RFID Laundry tag for robust applications

RFID Laundry Solutions

Robust RFID laundry tag that withstands exposure to rigorous repeated industrial wash cycles

Lavanda 2058 is a woven label specifically manufactured to meet asset tracking needs of commercial and industrial laundry applications. The laundry tags robust design combats the industrial wash cycles for linens and other textiles, withstanding the rigors of repeated washings, cleaning chemicals, drying and ironing cycles.

This RFID laundry tag provides a cost effective way to linen and garment management by improving asset tracking capabilities and significantly reducing cost of labor involved. The IC’s AutoTune technology enables high performance in challenging environments like wet towels and soiled laundry by automatically adjusting the chip to the optimal radio frequency for communication with a reader. The laundry tag is also quite accurate and allows inventory management to be performed accurately and effortlessly by reading multiple tags in a single pass and ensuring low error rates.

The laundry tag is based on a patented concept that has a very small RAIN(UHF) device coupled to a sewed secondary antenna made of a flexible special thread. Specifically designed for flat linen, uniforms identification, etc., it can be sewed along the edge of the item or incorporated in the hem using a standard sewing process. The tag withstands heat-sealing processes and can be thermo-patched to the textile product using an adhesive delivered as a standard.


Laundry applications including
  • Linen
  • Towels
  • Uniforms
  • Re-usable bags