Lavanda 1358 – Rugged RAIN(UHF) RFID Laundry Tag for Commercial Applications

UHF RFID Laundry Tag

A slim and rugged RAIN(UHF) RFID laundry tag ideal for commercial and industrial applications

This RFID laundry tag is a slim, and non-obstructive tag ideal for laundry management that requires the tag to be slim in nature and can be discreetly inserted into the textile usually into the hem of the product.

This rugged RAIN(UHF) RFID laundry tag is can be easily deployed for commercial and industrial textile applications. They are very cost effective and have exceptional durability for washing and drying, dry cleaning and ironing. The material used is also quite soft and flexible which also makes it ideal for usage in linens, garments, textile accessories, etc.

This RFID laundry tag is based on a unique and patented concept that uses a very small RAIN(UHF) device coupled with a sewed secondary antenna made of an innovative and flexible special thread. The laundry tag is easily affixed onto textile products using a standard sewing machine with a specific trace, or on the 2 edges or inserted into the hem of textile items. It withstands heat-sealing processes and can be attached to the textile article using its own adhesive delivered as a standard.


Laundry applications including
  • Linen
  • Towels
  • Uniforms
  • Re-usable bags