Lavanda 1136 – Textile tag with a small foot print and good read range

RFID Cloth Tag

Clothing RFID Tag especially designed to track flat linen, garments, pillow case etc

The Lavanda 1136 is one of the smallest textile tag available currently in the market. It is a woven label for flat linen, garments, pillow case etc. It has been specifically designed to meet the tracking requirements of the laundry industry in terms of size where application area is limited, shape, robustness and ease of fixation with an extremely high RFID reading performance

Lavanda 1136 is based on a unique and patented concept. It uses a very small RAIN(UHF) device coupled with a sewed secondary antenna made of an innovative and flexible special thread. The tag is easily affixed onto textile products by inserted it into the hem. It withstands heat-sealing processes and can be attached to the textile article using its own adhesive delivered as a standard.


Laundry applications including
  • Linen
  • Towels
  • Uniforms
  • Re-usable bags