Rhino HT 13042 - Long Range RAIN(UHF) RFID Hard tag with a robust PC construction

Industrial & logistics Asset Management Tag

A LONG RANGE HARD TAG with read range of up to 30 meters!

The Rhino HT 13042 RAIN(UHF) tag is IP68-rated, making it suitable for harsh outdoor environments and ideal for industrial and logistical processes requiring long reading distances in a demanding environment. It offers exposure to water and contaminants without affecting the performance of the tag. This is attributed to the rugged construction of the tag that uses impact resistant materials.

Offered with an Alien Higgs 3 chip, the tags long read range not only solves the difficulty in large range asset tracking, but also improves accuracy and efficiency. These tags can be mounted onto the surface using pop rivets, cable ties or a high-performance adhesive tape provided as an option


  • Industrial
  • Supply Chain & Logistics


  • Customer specific encoding of EPC