Rhino HT-HTP 2626 – High Temperature RAIN(UHF) RFID hard tag

high temperature rfid tags - HT-HTP 2626

A high temperature, acid and base resistant hard tag for industrial applications

The Rhino HT-HTP 2626 is a high temperature RAIN(UHF) RFID hard tag suitable for harsh outdoor and industrial environments where assets are exposed to a higher range of temperatures. The hard tag is tested for various parameters and is IP68 rated, making it resistant to a variety of chemical solutions besides moisture and solvents.

Offered with an Alien Higgs 3 chip and being acid and base resistant, the tags performs consistently well in conditions prevalent in the industrial, automotive and laboratory environments. These tags can be mounted onto the surface using pop rivets, screws or a high-performance adhesive tape provided as an option.


  • Industrial Assets
  • Industrial Manufacturing


  • Customer specific encoding of EPC