Rhino HT 5050

Metal Surface RFID Tag

RAIN(UHF) RFID hard tag with a square footprint, optimized for securing metal assets.

Rhino HT 5050 is a RAIN(UHF) RFID hard tag optimized for securing metal assets. Based on a rugged construction, square footprint and good durability, the tag is made to withstand harsh weather, high impact or other challenging application environments. It is ideal for Logistics & Supply chain and manufacturing applications.

The tag can be easily mounted on any metal surface either mechanically by using screws or pop rivets, using cable ties where the surface is curved or by attaching it using an adhesive backing which is optionally provided with the tag. The tag has been extensively tested for various washing cycles and exposure to different types of chemical solutions.


  • Supply Chain
  • Logistics & Yard management
  • Manufacturing


  • Self-adhesive backing


  • Laser marking
  • Customer specific encoding of EPC