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Easy to deploy UHF labels & tags for Apparel & Item level retail.

SIVA's produces a range of UHF labels & tags aimed at providing an easy and cost effective solution for high volume apparel & item level retail tagging needs.

From UHF Apparel Hang tags to self adhesive UHF labels designed for item level retail or affixing onto hang tags, the products feature optimized antenna designs for excellent read quality, specially when trying to ready several tags in close cluster.

Supplied in roll form and can be printed & encoded using RFID enabled Thermal transfer printers.

  • Apparel & Retail

    Easy to deploy UHF labels & tags for Apparel & Item level retail

    PRODUCT Product name Dimensions Read range
    AerialM-T SIVA IoT Launches New Products
    Small sized UHF Flag Tag ideal for retail inventory management
    94 x 26 x 0.2 mm
    3.70 x 1.02 x 0.01 in
    up to 3.5 m
    Apparel Hang Tag
    Thermal Transfer printable UHF Hang tag for high volume Apparel tagging
    79.0 x 38.1 mm
    3.11 x 1.5 in
    up to 8 m
    Aerial Elite
    Easy to deploy UHF label designed for Apparel & Item level retail
    56.0 x 34.0 x 0.2 mm
    2.2 x 1.34 x 0.01 in
    up to 17.5 m
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