SIVA’s Aerial 6024 TP

Tamperproof RFID Label

General purpose RAIN(UHF) RFID label with tamper-proof features for non-metallic applications

SIVA’s Aerial 6024 TP is a general-purpose RAIN(UHF) RFID label which is tamper-proof in nature, makes it ideal for use in applications where the user needs to ensure product authenticity and if removed, cannot be applied to a non-authentic product, thereby making it non-transferrable.

The antenna bridge is guaranteed to break if the label is pulled off any applied surface, including glass, paper, plastic, and other non-metal environments. This makes the tag non-readable and non-functional once torn off from the attached surface, hence making no reassembly possible.

These labels can be personalized with custom client specific artwork such as logos, text and variable data including serial numbers, 1D barcodes and QR codes and customer specific encoding of EPC. The label is offered as a standard with a NXP Ucode 9 IC, with other chip options available on request. Delivered in reel format, these labels can be encoded and printed with typical RFID printers that are capable of printing labels.


  • Retail Management
  • Inventory Management


  • Customer specific encoding of EPC
  • Customised printing of logo, text, barcode etc